Getting reliable installers for your networking infrastructure can be a headache. You can rest assured that at LCC NetCom, our installers are certified, our test equipment meets industry standards, our project team is talented and experienced, and we are qualified to deliver performance warranty certification.

LCC NetCom is your choice installer whether it is Category 3, Category 5, Enhanced Category 5, Category 6 UTP or FTP cables or Fiber Optic cables. We can also install coaxial, telephone and signal 485 cables. We specialise in the installation of LAN, WAN and POS, while ensuring optimal network performance, system integrity and cable infrastructure investment protection.

We are constantly upgrading to keep ahead of current cabling standards.

Call us. LCC will customize a plan to complete your networking requirements in a timely, organized, and professional manner.  You can count on us to deliver a reliable, high-speed, cabling system.

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